Retailers to Promote Ease of Making Purchases Via Voice

BY Rachel Cagle
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"With Siri, Alexa and Google voice assistants, help is just a command or question away. The convenience with such technology should be appealing to consumers." 

"Of the consumers who do adopt the technology, 94% of users find voice technology easy to use and think it saves time and improves their quality of life, according to a 2019 Adobe report. A February 2020 report from eMarketer estimated that 21.6 million people will have purchased via smart speakers by the end of 2020."

"To drive voice commerce, the user experience of these technologies needs to improve and security concerns must be addressed, but there's hope for the future adoption of the technology among younger consumers, experts told Retail Dive."

"For now, consumers typically use voice commerce for re-​ordering common household goods such as toilet paper and laundry detergent, not so much visual or more complex purchases like apparel, flights or concert tickets, said Vivek Pandya, Adobe lead analyst."

"With more complex purchases, Pandya said, 'people are thinking about how many attributes are associated with what they're interested in buying and how satisfied they will be with the end product. So that's going to impact their likelihood to want to shop via voice or just get online on their phone or their laptop and get a full view of everything that's available to them.'" 

"In addition to smaller repeat orders, Dinesh Bajaj, senior vice president and industry head of retail for CPG and logistics at Infosys, said voice assistant technology would be useful for customer service inquiries."

"As car manufacturers integrate voice assistant technology like Apple and Amazon's assistants into vehicles, White foresees a near future where voice assistant technology in cars will be able to communicate with in-​home technologies to, say, turn on home heating and cooling or play mood music upon arrival.""Younger consumers are showing that they are willing to give the technology a shot. According to a 2019 Paysafe report, 32% of consumers over the age of 25 are comfortable with ordering or making payments through their vehicle's entertainment system, and 39% of Gen Z consumers said the same."

"Research appears to suggest a generational divide among early voice assistant adopters. According to the Paysafe report, 52% of Gen Z consumers would, for example, be open to signing up for a subscription service like Netflix via voice assistant technology, compared to 43% of consumers ages 25 and up. The report also found that 51% of Gen Z shoppers would be fine with paying for an entertainment service (like buying a movie), compared to 45% of consumers ages 25 and older who said the same."

Sponsored search results motivated 57% of Voice-​Activated Smart Speaker Users to take action within the last year, according to AudienceSCAN.

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