Retailers to Promote Footwear to Teen Boys

Teen Boys

According to a report from MediaPost, "Piper Sandler’s latest report on teen spending is out, showing a 13% decline from last year’s spring survey. Spending is also down 4% from the fall survey, to $2,300, marking the lowest level of kids’ cash outlays since the fall of 2011. All categories declined, says Erinn Murphy, an analyst with the Minneapolis-​based firm and lead author, except for one: boys’ shoes."

Shoes are the only category of teen boys clothing that is not on the decline. Even spending on teenage girls' shoes has flatlined, but, "for boys, it’s climbed from less than $200 15 years ago a year to $334," says Erinn Murphy at Piper Sandler; a 70% increase.

The most popular types of shoes among teen boys are athletic brands.

It's no surprise that teen boys spend a considerable amount of time online, so why not place ads where they will catch these consumers' eyes? Last year, according to AudienceSCAN, Men's Footwear Shoppers took action after seeing ads on social media, receiving email ads and seeing internet banner ads.

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Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

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