Retailers to Promote the Small Luxuries of Bath Products

BY Rachel Cagle
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"For most consumers, especially millennials, instant gratification is the name of the game. Yet, when it comes to their bath rituals, they are in slow motion, favoring bath care products that will help them unwind and relax, reports Drug Store News."

"That is why retailers that are seeking to clean up in this market are awash with a wide selection of products that would please the most discerning spa aficionados. The proof also is in the pudding, with sales growing and retailers noting that suppliers are bumping up price points, and profit margins, as consumers look for better items. Chicago-​based market research firm IRI said body wash sales came to about $2.6 billion and bath fragrances/​bubble bath reached $375.7 million in U.S. multi-​outlets for the 52 weeks ended March 24."

"In recent years, bubble bath, a category mainstay, has become somewhat passé as consumers look for a flashier way to bring excitement to their soak like the bath bomb. For manufacturers, they represent a way for consumers to unwind."

"Face masks are also a big trend in self-​care, with some companies even offering body masks for areas such as the stomach and buttocks."

Who needs simple indulgences more than Working Moms? This year, these moms want to make purchases that help them feel comfortable (49.6%) and relaxed (34%), according to AudienceSCAN. Working Moms get the most up-​to-​date information that's important to them through platforms such as TV, newspapers, radio and magazines. They're also 31% more likely than other adults to find ads on mobile apps useful and 26% more likely to find social media ads useful. Ads on any of these platforms are bound to catch their eyes.

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