Retailers to Promote the Top Tile Trends of 2020

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Capra and Coverings’ sponsors Ceramics of Italy, Tile Council of North America and Tile of Spain collaborated to gather and report this year’s top 10 Tile Trends for 2020, in an effort to celebrate tile’s aesthetic elements, durability and versatility for National Tile Day, reports Floor Covering Weekly."

Alena Capra, certified master kitchen & bath designer and Coverings industry ambassador says, 'This National Tile Day, we are excited to share with everyone the progress and importance of one of the most practical and beautiful building materials through some highly engaging and unique social media activations and programs.'

  • Mixed Color Palettes: Consumers are currently crazy for Pantone color of the year Classic Blue, blush pinks, sage green, and dusty orange hues for a calming look
  • Refined Natural Wood Looks: Thanks to evolving digital printing technology and innovations in ink and fit technology, mimicking natural wood remains popular in 2020
  • Precious- and Gemstone-​style Made Sustainable: From designs emulating rare marbles and semi-​precious stones, such as onyx and agate, to tiles with an iridescent finish reminiscent of Akoya pearls, precious material styles are set to make a splash in the tile industry in 2020
  • Non-​Rectangular /​ Mixed Geometrics: Trapezoid, rhombus and diamond-​shaped tiles allow for more interesting layouts than simple grids and running bonds
  • Counter Culture: The durability and stain-​resistance of porcelain make it an excellent countertop choice, which is why this type of gauged porcelain’s expanding applications will continue to be a 2020 favorite
  • Psychedelic: Expect bright, psychedelic colors, playful geometries and trippy patterns galore this year
  • Industrial Chic: Concrete- and stone-​look tile options enrich environments with a chic artfulness while opening the door to endless, unique style choices
  • Modernized Marble: Traditional-​inspired ceramic materials, such as emulated marble, have been modernized to adapt to today’s contemporary styles
  • Speckled Surfaces: This trend features technicolor dots and specks, and modern interpretations of terrazzo in 2020
  • Large-​Scale Patterns: We will see a shift towards ceramic tiles with big, bold patterns that instantly catch the eye this year"

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