Retailers to Promote Their Support of Programs to End Youth Homelessness

BY Rachel Cagle
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"In support of the Street Child World Cup, Ipsos has partnered with the National Network for Youth and Street Child United to raise awareness of youth homelessness and for the event in which street children from around the globe represent their countries in a soccer tournament."

"According to the survey results, Americans generally underestimate the number of young homeless adults in the country. When asked to approximate the number of homeless young adults between ages 18 and 25, only 13% correctly answered with an estimation between 3 and 4 million. 48% estimated a lower population and only 14% overestimated the population."

Even though they may not be aware of how big this issue really is, Youth-​Related Cause Supporters are 99% more likely than other adults to shop at different stores to support a charity or cause that is important to them and 37.7% will even switch brands to do the same, according to AudienceSCAN. To find out which businesses and brands are supporting youth-​related causes, they'll turn to the internet. Just last month, 62.7% of these consumers used a search engine to research a product or service they were considering for purchase and, over the last six months, 42.5% have used a mobile device to view a store or retailer's website.

"Americans also seem disconnected on problems facing young homeless people. 'Couch surfers,' those without a permanent home, but who can often find shelter with a friend, are considered to be homeless. However, when asked whether they consider this type of person to be homeless, just 39% of those surveyed agreed these people face homelessness. Furthermore, Americans continue to view substance abuse and mental health issues as causes of homelessness, rather than symptoms. When asked if they believe the majority of homeless people with substance abuse or mental health problems had these issues before experiencing homelessness, 70% (substance abuse) and 73% (mental health) wrongly assumed that these problems existed before becoming homeless."

"Despite these results, Americans overwhelmingly support legislation to combat homelessness among the young population. 88% agree that the success of our young people will directly impact the success of their communities, and more than eight in ten support prioritizing funding for programs that help young homeless people achieve their GEDs at both the federal (83%) and state level (84%)."

Businesses and brands that support youth-​related causes should be broadcasting their actions to Youth-​Related Cause Supporters. Last year, according to AudienceSCAN, 56.1% of these consumers took action after seeing an ad on daily deals websites such as Groupon, 55.4% were driven to action by email ads and 51.5% reacted to radio ads they heard both online and over-​the-​air. Within that same amount of time, 70.4% also took action after seeing TV commercials and 41.9% reacted to outdoor ads.

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