Retailers to Target the 86% of Americans Celebrating Mother's Day

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Last year, Mother’s Day spending was expected to total a near-​record $23.1 billion, according to the annual survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. A total 86% of Americans celebrated Mother’s Day and spent an average of $180 per person."

'2018s Mother’s Day forecast is one of the strongest we’ve ever seen,' NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. 'With spring in full bloom, Americans are looking forward to splurging on their mothers and retailers are prepared to offer a variety of options that will allow consumers to find the perfect gift for the occasion.'"

"The expected spending would be second only to 2017’s $23.6 billion, the highest in the 15-​year history of the survey at an average $186 per person."

"According to the survey, consumers plan to spend $4.6 billion on jewelry (purchased by 34% of shoppers), $4.4 billion on special outings such as dinner or brunch (55%) and $2.6 billion on flowers (69%). In addition, $2.5 billion will be spent on gift cards (45%), $2.1 billion on clothing (36%), $2.1 billion on consumer electronics (14%) and $1.8 billion on personal services such as a spa day (24%). Another $956 million will be spent on housewares or gardening tools (19%), $813 million on greeting cards (77%) and $494 million on books or music (19%)."

In order to make reservations for meals or at spas, many Mother's Day Diners will turn to the internet. According to AudienceSCAN, within the last month, these consumers have used the internet to look up directions to a business (58.4%), the hours of a business (58.2%) and the phone number of a business (54.4%). Within the past six months, they've used a mobile device to get directions to a retailer (48.9%), view a retailer's website (38.1%) and search for nearby retailers (32.6%), and have also used a click-​to-​call button to call a business (14.7%).

"The survey found 29% want to receive a 'gift of experience' such as a spa day, tickets to a concert or gym membership while 26% plan to give such a gift. Gifts of experience are given most often (45% of those surveyed) by 18 to 34-​year olds."

Retailers advertising Mother's Day specials can target Mother's Day Diners with many different types of ads. For starters, the TV is where 19% of these consumers learn about nearby events and, last year, 70.2% took action after seeing a TV commercial, according to AudienceSCAN. Also within the last year, these consumers took action after receiving email ads (54%), reading both digital and print newspaper ads and seeing ads on daily deals websites such as Groupon (53.7%). They're also 28% more likely than other adults to be driven to action by ads they see in movie theaters and 54% more likely to find ads on social media useful.

AudienceSCAN data is available for your applications and dashboards through the SalesFuel API. Media companies and agencies can access AudienceSCAN data through the AudienceSCAN Reports in AdMall.