It’s ruff out there. How are you being “treated” and how are you treating others?

BY Jennifer Gluckow
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Charlie, our one and a half year old Cavalier King Charles, wakes up, goes for a walk, has a lunchtime puppy playdate, rests, gets treats, walks outside again, eats and gets lots of love and petting throughout the day. She has a simple and amazing life. OK, a somewhat spoiled life. Our life is not always that easy.

While I mostly write about sales, Charlie has got me thinking about life, even if it’s a dog’s life.

  • Wag your tail like you mean it. Have fun every day and show others when you’re excited. In sales, you need to show your passion and your belief in order for your customers to believe. Just don’t show them your tail.
  • Your greeting matters. Greet your mate, your customers and everyone who walks in your door like you haven’t seen them in days — make them feel uber welcome and show them how happy you are that they’re there. Lick them in the face (if appropriate).
  • Go for a walk. Get fresh air multiple times a day. It’s good for you!
  • Be curious and appreciate the simple things. While you’re getting fresh air look at the sky, the birds, the flowers — take it all in with your eyes like a dog does with its nose.
  • Pee when you have to. ‘Nuf said, just not on the carpet.
  • Be loyal and dedicated to your pack. Make sure you stand by and are there for the people who want to see you succeed, the people who want you to win, the people who love you unconditionally, the good people in your life.
  • Keep your treasures safe even if it means you have to bury them.
  • Take a nap. Use your brain power and challenge your mind on such a high level that it actually makes you tired.
  • Follow your instincts — Notice other’s emotions. I don’t know if all dogs are like this or if I hit the doggie jackpot, but if I’m sick Charlie comforts me. If I’Here are the things Charlie does that gives me happiness, reflection, love – and ideas to pass on to salespeople. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat lover, or neither, here are Charlie’s life lessons and sales lessons:m sad, she snuggles with me, if I’m happy she’s playful. She knows how to be there for me because she pays close attention to my feelings. Who is attending to your emotional needs? How are you attending to others?
  • When you find a good bone, chew it. Savor your meals and eat what you love.
  • Catch a frisbee, go fetch, run around. Don’t be afraid to jump in the mud.
  • Drink water. A lot of it. My personal goal: 100 ounces a day.
  • Unconditional love. People you are close to are going to do things you may not agree with. If you love them unconditionally, you will find a way to accept them.
  • Take a nap. Wait, I already wrote this one. I must really need a nap!
  • Protect your space, but give people fair warning. If someone’s coming to your space, growl before you bite.
  • Don’t f— with me while I’m eating. Don’t try to speak business when you’re eating – wait until after you're finished, when everyone is more relaxed.
  • Be on a mission: Whether it’s eating a bone, or peeing, sometimes a bird will come by and take her focus, but for the most part, she’s there to get something done. What’s your focus?
  • Keep digging. Lose a customer? Need more leads? Be relentless and don’t stop until you achieve your goals.

Pretty interesting list, huh? If you’re a dog owner you probably were reading along and smiling. If you’re not a dog owner, you probably think I’m nuts. And if you’re a cat owner, none of this applies. But here’s the rub, let’s assume you’re not a dog, but you are a sales dog — based on the characteristics above, would I give you a treat? (Also known as the order). Would I give you the loving attention to build a relationship with you or would I take you to the pound?

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