Are You Sabotaging Your Sales with too many Buying Options?

BY Rachel Cagle
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What’s easier to choose between: two meal options or five? No matter what it is you need to choose from, the process is always easier with fewer options. That’s the point Vanessa Merit Nornberg stresses in her article, “3–2‑1 Technique That Will Make Your Sales Explode.” Are you guilty of presenting your clients with too many product/​service options during your sales meetings? If so, keep two of Nornberg’s strategies in mind:

Stick with Two Buying Options

Through research and talking with your client about their needs, it will become evident which of your products or services they may be most interested in. With that information in mind, why distract the client with more options that may be less relevant to their needs? Narrow the choices to two products. That way, the client needs to retain less information. This strategy results in two benefits. One, the client won’t feel stressed or ill-​prepared to make a decision because they’re trying to remember a ton of information. Two, it will be easier for the client to find more value in one product over the other.

Limit Your Two Cents to a Penny

It’s easy to talk up both of the products you're presenting in the sales meeting. They both have their prospective value to the client, and you may even wonder if you can convince the client to purchase both. However, by recommending both, you’re only complicating the decision making process. If you really want to help your client, and the success of your sale, limit your recommendation to one product. Listen to the client’s thought process as they consider which product to choose. With your deeper knowledge of what you’re selling, you’ll be able to point the client in the direction of the product that will best suit their needs.

Being more selective about the products you pitch and the advice you offer can help your client make a purchase they are confident and comfortable with. Not many salespeople who offer a plethora of options can claim the same.