Sales Call Prep Tips to Get Your Mindset Ready

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sales call prep is important. And, it actually should include more than just researching the prospect and doing basic homework. It also should involve preparing you, the salesperson, in regard to your mindset. Taking a moment before each call to get fired up can have a big impact on how you feel during the conversation, and can be a needed boost for introverts. Sunny Sandhu, in a HubSpot article, shares six ways that reps can fire themselves up before picking up the phone. Sandu, a self-​professed natural introvert, personally vouches for how well these tips work. Below are three highlights:

  1. Make yourself laugh and smile
  2. Stand up, walk around and use your non-verbals
  3. Breathe 

Sandhu’s suggestions include tasks that directly relate to selling, as well as ones that deal more with the mindset of the rep. This multi-​faceted approach is a well-​rounded take on call prep. 

Make yourself laugh and smile

Honestly, have you ever used the sales call prep time to have a good laugh? Probably not. Putting a smile on your face can be an instant mood-​lifter and put you in a positive mindset to tackle whatever awaits you on the other line. And, don’t worry about being too silly. “Do the things that make you happy or fire you up,” he writes. “Nothing is off the table! Listen to pump-​up music. Stare in the mirror and make stupid faces at yourself, or even eat your favorite dessert! Just do whatever puts you in that mood to be positive, helpful and focused.” So, why not add in a couple of minutes of watching cute animal videos or listening to a comedy podcast to your sales call prep? The endorphins can set you up for a stellar call. 

Stand up, walk around and use your non-verbals.

This is another task that reps might not have ever considered. Using pre-​call time to move around gets your body up and about and blood flowing. And, to keep that vibe going, Sandhu suggests reps don’t limit this kind of movement just to sales call prep. Once you’re on the call, stay up, even if the prospect can’t see you. And, don’t hold back from non-​verbals like gesturing when you speak. “First, standing gets your blood flowing, relative to sitting, helping you think clearly and focus on the conversation,” he explains.” Second, more than 70% of communication stems from our non-​verbals, and neglecting this fact on a call can be disastrous.” 


Yes, breathing will always be part of your sales call prep. But intentional, meditative breathing usually isn’t. Another of Sandhu’s suggestions is to allot time to thoughtful breathing, whether it’s via a mediation app or taking a few deep, slow breaths on your own. He writes, “Calls can be nerve-​wracking, especially with larger clients or when there's a massive deal on the line. In situations like that, you need to clear your mind and breathe. When our breathing is off or shallow, sometimes subconsciously,  we cut off the resource that allows our brain to function at peak performance.”

Sales call prep is your time

In addition to the standard preparation, why not give Sandhu’s tips a try? You’ll be getting your mood and mind ready for the call ahead, which can only be a benefit. Plus, you’ve got his word that these techniques work!