Sales Challenges to Expect (and How to Overcome Them)

BY Jessica Helinski
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A new year presents a new set of sales challenges. Reps who are aware of these challenges and are proactive have the best chances of overcoming them. Recently, sales experts shared what they believe will be the biggest obstacles in sales this year. Jay Fuchs shares their thoughts in an article for HubSpot.

Two sales challenges to expect

Even as we move toward some semblance of normalcy, sales, as a field, is still fundamentally different than it was just a few years ago,” Fuchs writes. “There are a host of new and emerging sales challenges that salespeople have to account for.” 

While 2022 will likely be another tricky year for sellers, the challenges they face won’t be insurmountable. Being aware of what they will encounter can help them be prepared to deal with these challenges professionally and efficiently.

Building trust virtually

While more offices are going back to in-​person, others are remaining remote or operating in a hybrid style. This means that virtual selling will continue, making building trust an ongoing sales challenge. As virtual selling is likely here to stay, it’s vital to grow and polish the virtual skills you've acquired. Establishing trust and credibility, as well as building quality relationships, when not in-​person is a hurdle, but not impossible. The key? Leveraging technology, according to Hubspot Strategic Channel Account Manager Chris Moore.

The salesperson that can leverage technology in a way to personalize that messaging virtually will win in 2022,” he explains. “Because there are so many salespeople reaching out via email and phone calls now as opposed to meeting with people in person, you have to figure out clever ways to get into these businesses with a personalized approach."

Thankfully, SalesFuel has plenty of advice when it comes to selling virtually. From demonstrating authenticity to effectively using technology, these articles can help sellers overcome this sales challenge. 

Also, check out our reporting on a study showing where sellers can bridge the “virtual gap” between what buyers want and where reps fall short.

Getting in front of decision-makers

Getting an audience with who wields buying power is another one of 2022’s sales challenges. HubSpot Sales Manager Jayme Manos discusses this issue, pointing out that the new virtual sales landscape has a hand in this particular obstacle. “The ability to get in front of decision-​makers is getting increasingly challenging — especially with the continued high percentage of leaders and executives working from home,” he explains.

But one tactic can help sellers navigate this issue: Establishing clear value very early in the process. “Reps will need to ensure they've not just researched an account, but that they come with a strong 'point of view' and a very clear call to action, regardless of medium,” he says. This means non-​personalized email blasts won’t cut it. A strong value proposition and clear solutions for specific pain points will get attention. For tips on creating a value proposition that can get you in front of the decision-​maker, check out our past article.  

If you find yourself confronted with more than one decision-​maker, use these tips to get to the top. And, as SalesFuel’s Rachel Cagle reminds sellers, “…to win over a decision-​maker, you should partner with them, not sell to them…Highlight who specifically will be positively impacted by working with you and how. Then you can throw in statistical evidence of the improvements you’ve seen your product or service help other similar companies achieve.”

Six more challenges to expect

These, and the other six sales challenges discussed, will make 2022 another tough year for sales. But, you can be proactive and ready to meet these challenges head on. From the complexities of social selling to shifting your sales mentality, prepare yourself for the hurdles Fuchs highlights by checking out our past sales tips and articles. Empowering yourself with awareness and best practices will help make 2022 your best sales year yet.

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