Are These Sales Myths Holding You Back?

BY Jessica Helinski
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Salespeople may be making mistakes, or missing opportunities, by believing common sales myths. Blindly believing these myths won’t do you any good, as HubSpot writer Tony Hughes explains in a recent article. “The better you become at learning what’s hype and what’s real, the more successful you’ll ultimately be,” he writes.

He shares 20 myths that are pervasive in the sales industry and explains why each should be disregarded. Read on for a few highlights from his list:

  • The phone is dead. This just isn’t true, Hughes says, despite many believing the phone is losing its power. He points out that the telephone is actually very important in every stage of the sales process.
  • The more calls you make, the more connections you’ll have. In reality, you will likely only connect with three or four people out of every 100 calls. “To stand out, you must use sequences of short voice mails, texts, emails, and social touches,” he explains. “You dramatically lift your odds of success when you get the prospect’s mobile phone number.”
  • Extroverts are the winners in sales. This just isn’t true. Being a “people person” doesn’t automatically make one a successful salesperson. Being able to express value, rather than just persuade, marks a true sales winner.
  • If you miss quota, it’s 100% your fault. There are a lot of other factors that go into a missed quota. While reps should always take personal responsibility, there are usually other factors involved. “Many companies have broken cultures, bad management, and products that would never sell in any market,” Hughes points out. Keep this in mind if you miss a goal.

These are just a few of the myths shared by Hughes in his article, and likely, you’re familiar with at least a couple. Take some time to check out his entire article to see if there are any myths that you currently hold as truths. As he explains, rethinking these ideas can benefit you. “In sales, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. You might discover the latest trend everyone’s touting isn’t so effective after all. On the flip side, trying out a new technique might lead to amazing results.”