Basic Sales Pitch Study: Here Is What Works

BY Jessica Helinski
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Want to know what makes a basic sales pitch successful? You can get a pretty good idea by checking out the data gathered from a recent survey of sales reps. In a Sales Hacker article, Aurelien Mottier, Co-​Founder and CEO at Operatix, shares results from his company’s study of 500 sales calls made by reps during a six-​month period. “What we learned was that ALL the best-​converting sales pitches include the exact same elements,” Mottier writes. “If you know what these elements are, you can easily replicate their success.”

Six Essentials for Basic Sales Pitches

Why you? And, why your company?

You need to immediately set yourself apart in your basic sales pitch by showing that you have done your research on the prospect. Do this by explaining why you and your business are specifically suited for what the prospect needs and wants. Thankfully, a lot of this information can be found on LinkedIn, their website, company blogs, etc. For example, consider using these statements to show that you have done your homework on the prospect and their company:

I know that you are responsible for _​_​_​_​ at your company.”

I know you’re currently looking at projects in relation to _​_​_​_​ at the moment.”

I read an article you posted online about ____”

I can see you were recently promoted to the position of ____.”

These types of statements show the prospect that you are informed about them and their business. Once you have established your credibility, follow up with specifics about why you alone are best positioned to help. Opening up the basic sales pitch with these points will immediately grab the prospect's attention and explain what is in it for them, which will keep them interested in hearing the rest of your pitch and engaging in conversation with you.

Validation and references

An excellent way of validating what you’re saying is to reference companies/​organizations who are current customers,” Mottier explains. You can even kick your basic sales pitch up a notch by referencing current or past clients who may be direct competitors of the prospect at hand. If you use this tactic, just make sure that you do it thoughtfully and wisely. For example, if you sell tax preparation services, prospects will feel more comfortable and trust you more if they can hear from satisfied past clients. 

These are only two of the six must-​have elements to have a winning basic sales pitch. Use Mottier’s tips to build your own pitch, personalized to your company and the prospect. 

Remember, sales pitches have a clear beginning, middle and end; you just need to add your own narrative. Your personal touches, along with these six elements, will give you the ”killer” sales pitch you need to win.