Tips for Giving a Good Presentation in Sales

BY Jessica Helinski
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A sales presentation, regardless of industry, is not something that should just be left to chance. When you head into a sales meeting, you should be prepared and have a flexible plan ready to put in place. “Having a simple plan for a sales presentation will allow [you] to stay on track, cover all the bases, and stay in control of the sales process,” writes Russ Ackerman for Security & Sales Integration. But preparing presentations doesn't come easily to everyone. Luckily, Ackerman has seven tips for giving a good presentation at your next sales meeting.

Tips for Giving a Good Presentation in Sales

Warm up. If your presentation is going to be an effective one, it should actually be a conversation with your prospects. So, get the conversation started by warming up the buyer. In order to buy from you, the prospect must have at least a little bit of trust in you. You need to use the first moments of conversation to get to know your prospect better. Research beforehand to find out if you have anything in common with them and use your findings as a starting point for the sales presentation. But only use commonalities that are easy to find on their professional social media or website pages. If you use something personal you found during a deep dive through their personal social media pages, you'll come across not as informed, but as someone creepy who does not know about boundaries. Also, remember, make sure the dialogue is all about them; you’ll have enough time later to discuss what you have to offer.

Ask questions. Hopefully, as mentioned, you have done some research on the buyer. But you will need to go deeper during the sales presentation, and you can achieve this by practicing the next tip for giving a good presentation: asking thoughtful questions. Go into the presentation with questions for your prospect that will uncover even more insight into their challenges, needs, wants, and past experiences. All of this information will make it easier for you to further personalize your presentation. For example, if you are selling a security system, it will be helpful to know when the buyer moved into their home, if another system is currently installed, etc.

Talk solutions. Now is the time in the sales presentation to show why your product is a smart buy for the customer. It’s also a great time to share any testimonials you have. “Show the prospect letters of recommendation and reviews to prove that you are number one,” Ackerman suggests. “Now is also a good time to talk about awards your company might have won.” It’s important, though, to keep tying all of this in to why and how this benefits the buyer.

These are just three of Ackerman’s seven tips for giving a good presentation, and the remaining four will walk you through the rest of the sales presentation with ease. Don’t go into your next meeting without a plan. The more you prepare, the better your chances of efficiently presenting value and becoming the buyer’s trusted business partner.