Sales Rules That Should Be Broken

BY Jessica Helinski
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Have you ever secretly wanted to be a rebel? Well, now’s your chance to break some traditional sales rules. “If there is one thing successful people have in common, it's that they break the rules,” writes Nick Hedges in an article for Inc. He cites notable high-​achievers like Steve Jobs and Marc Benioff, and he points out that they constantly challenged the status quo and pushed barriers. If you find that your sales are ho-​hum, consider Hedges’ advice to break a few rules. Below are just two of the rules he believes should be broken:

Do whatever it takes to close a deal.

While sly tactics or a spontaneous price drop may close a deal, it won’t necessarily lead to a happy client. Don’t resort to questionable measures to win new business or feel like you should say “yes” to every request. Being honest and presenting value will lead to a more mutually beneficial relationship. “When customers have choices, it's important to take an honest approach,” Hedges writes. “Dig deeper to evaluate the customer's problem and present your product in a different light — as a solution.” This strategy will get you in a relationship-​building mindset, which is far more effective than just selling.

Never admit weakness.

We tend to equate any kind of weakness with being unsuccessful but that just isn’t true. Admitting a weak aspect of your solution will actually help build trust between you and your prospects. They will see that you are being up front and honest about your product or service. In turn, this will make you more trustworthy in their eyes. As Hedges writes, “Be prepared to admit some disadvantages to win the buyer's trust… It shouldn't be overly damaging but should be significant enough to demonstrate the salesperson's honesty.” You’ll find that this approach will be refreshing compared to all of your competitors who never admit to any shortcomings.

If you’ve always played it safe and followed all of the traditional sales “rules,” it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Consider breaking one (or all!) of Hedges’ listed rules and take your sales to the next level.