Self-​Service Makes up 60% of Car Wash Profits

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Up until a few years ago, wand-​bay type car wash properties had declined and fallen out of favor with new investors as well as existing owner/​operators. Now that the economy and car wash industry are growing again, this may be a good time to revisit the self-​service business model, reports Cash Wash Magazine."

"Self-​service is often described as a 60% gross net business."

"Given consumer and industry trends (e.g., express exterior), self-​service operators should consider shifting the focus of the business from wands to in-​bay. The reason for this is there are simply more people today who want the convenience, rather than doing the work themselves, and they want a better value for the money."

"For example, the traditional self-​service model is a facility with four or five wand-​bays and one to two in-​bays. A different approach would be to build a facility with three or four in-​bays and only a couple of wands. The purpose is to increase yield.

"As shown in the table above, self-​service operations that emphasize automatic car washing perform measurably better than those that emphasize wands."

"Self-​serve isn’t dead; it just needs to be reinvented to compete effectively in an environment where automatic car washing represents over 70% of the total available market."

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