Shorten The Sales Process With These Tips

BY Jessica Helinski
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Feel like your sales process is lagging? You may actually be to blame! Little stumbles and fumbles along the way, as well as unnecessary time-​consuming tasks, may be bogging down your sales process. “The Sales Hunter” blogger Mark Hunter shares ways that you can eliminate time wasters and accelerate the sales process:

  • Forgo a presentation and replace it with questions. Instead of spending a lot of time putting together a presentation, PowerPoint slides and handouts, ask questions that will help you learn more about the prospect. Be sure to consider how you will follow up each question with another question. The knowledge you gain will better equip you to know everything about the prospect and her business.
  • Follow up fast. Don’t drag your feet when following up with a prospect. “Don’t think for a moment your prospect is thinking about you, because they’re not,” Hunter writes. “During each phase of the selling process, the faster you follow up, the greater your potential for closing the sale.”
  • Skip a formal meeting. Do what it takes to make the sale happen, even if it means nixing a formal, sit-​down meeting. Close the deal anytime, anywhere–even over the phone!
  • Take the small deal. While it may be tempting to hold out until a prospect goes whole-​hog, giving in to a smaller piece of the pie may be the key to keep the sales process moving. “Sure, we all want to land the big sale, but if the big sale is not there, grab the small one and use it as a springboard to move up to the next sale,” he explains.

Make a few tweaks here and there to your sales process to eliminate wasted time and get things moving faster. Hunter’s tips are a great starting point to optimize your activities and make that sale sooner!