Show your local advertisers how to run with the big dogs

BY Tim Londergan
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You have a responsibility to your local advertising clients. They rely on you to bring them ideas, advice and possibilities. After the unprecedented pandemic disruption, you are a more important resource than ever. Your clients are in recovery mode and searching for ways to recapture lost fortunes and reengage customers. With your help, advising them in the best tactics, you can show your local advertisers how to run with the big dogs!

Multi-​location advertisers, nationally known retail brands and franchised operations have an unprecedented advantage in every local market across the country. They enjoy pooled resources, professional support and marketing momentum that reaps the attention of a wide swath of local consumers. Their advantage, however, is not unique, nor are their communication pathways exclusionary. The opportunities for localized social media marketing and search are available to every business. This is the key for you to show your local advertisers how to run with the big dogs.

The Value of Localized Marketing

The 2021 Localized Marketing Benchmark Report ranks multi-​location brands in their use of the most influential digital channels, including local search, social and ratings and reviews. The study reveals best practices of high performing companies that you can identify on behalf of your advertising clients. The impact of localized social and search marketing is critical to success for these high performers and you can show your advertisers how to leverage these formats to their benefit.

The study found that companies are showing greater maturity in localized search. The top scorers achieved over 70% in top search visibility. These companies grew revenue at 22%. That’s three times faster than the other brands tracked in the survey. The ultimate success metrics of search result in the Google 3‑pack inclusion and rank. 

Social channels continue to influence consumer purchasing, with social commerce expected to grow 35% in 2021, hitting $39.2 billion in revenue. Consumers spend a full one-​third of their online time with a social network. The study also shows that social media influences 78% of purchase decisions. The ultimate success metric of social marketing is high-​valued engagements. This is a discipline in which all businesses strive to excel. The study shows most multi-​location marketers remain in the developing stage of this important component.

Show your local advertisers how to run with the big dogs

Multi-​location companies have the same challenges as local, independent operators. Marketers need to understand that local search and localized social marketing are distinct areas, each requiring focus and a different strategy and approach altogether. AdMall puts localized digital marketing in perspective for you. The tools available in AdMall can help you lead your advertising clients on their localized search and social journey.

  • The Digital Audit – Quickly understand your client’s strengths and weaknesses regarding their localized search results. Determine a social media score and suggest improvements.
  • Profiles of customers’ digital habits and behavior – AudienceSCAN helps you to understand consumer motivations. You, in turn, can help your advertisers improve their engagement with prospects on social networks.
  • Digital sales webinars and training – Ongoing, extensive training sessions that allow you to improve your digital intelligence.