This Simple Substitution Makes Sign-​Offs More Effective

BY Jessica Helinski
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Keeping your communications fresh can make you memorable in the eyes of buyers (and more likely to move deals through the pipeline). One way to stay ahead of the competition is to trade out tired phrases that prospects likely hear all the time. In a recent HubSpot post, Megan Prater takes the common phrase, “looking forward to hearing from you,” and offers alternatives to use instead. Below are a couple of highlights from her article:

Could you return X by X?”

Giving the prospect a deadline for whatever it is you're seeking cements a timeline for both of you. This lessens the chance the prospect will delay a reply, which moves the process along. And, if the timeline IS flexible, you can add something like, “Does this timeline meet your expectations?” which also encourages a quick response from the prospect. If she or he does request more time, reply back with another firm day (“No problem. Let’s move the deadline to next Friday.”). As Prater explains, “You’ve given them the time they need while sticking with a firm goal date.”

Could you help me X?”

This direct question takes advantage of humans’ general desire to help others. It can be especially useful at the beginning of the sales process when you’re seeking out decision-​makers and budget information.

If you’re too busy to handle this request, is there someone else I can reach out to?”

Because of its directness, Prater recommends using this phrase only when absolutely necessary. Essentially, it suggests you may go around him or her if you don’t get a response. “Reserve this for situations in which the deal is on the verge of falling through,” Prater writes. “For example, if you sent the contract several weeks ago, have touched based several times, and have still heard nothing back.”

These phrases help keep the communication going and are far more effective (and fresher) than the usual “looking forward to hearing from you” closing. Prater’s suggestions will make you stand out from competitors and ensure that your pipeline keeps flowing.