Slow Down, or Doom Your Sales

BY Rachel Cagle
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You need to be cranking out those sales, fast! Your fellow salespeople may be making it rain while you’re somehow in the middle of a bad streak or your manager may have just bumped up your quota. No matter what your situation is, you’re probably feeling rushed, and will therefore put the sales process into hyperdrive. However, according to a SellingPower article by Ben Taylor, you have to slow down to make your prospecting better.

Slowing Down Allows Clarity

If you’re feeling pressured, odds are, you’re going to radiate that feeling. You’ll talk quickly, you’ll leave out details in your haste, and your body language will reveal your restlessness. Don’t think that your prospects won’t notice and won’t, in turn, get stressed out themselves. When your presentation makes prospects uncomfortable, that feeling will stick around through the decision-​making process, and obviously, discomfort is not a sales-​driving emotion 

Slowing Down Allows Conversation

Chances are, if you’re rushing through you’re delivery, you’re not driving home the subject that is most important to the prospect: What’s in this for them? You’ll either glaze over what your product or service can do for their company, why your deal is better than the competition’s, and why you’re an easy person to work with. Or worse, you’ll leave one of those out entirely. And if you’re rushing through your pitch, the prospect won’t feel as if they’re allowed to ask questions to get the clarification they need.

So, take a deep breath and slow down. Being calm and collected shows prospects that you’re reliable and trustworthy. The only results you’ll get from going full-​speed or rushing are negatives. And don’t forget to tap into your existing pool of clients. They’re the easy sales, as long as you’re offering something you genuinely feel they need.