SMB Owners Want Marketing Help

BY Kathy Crosett
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Last week was National Small Business Week. While it’s important to officially recognize the role SMBs play in our economy, your SMB clients likely focus on optimizing their performance every week. You can help them by checking out the results of the new survey from Constant Contact and applying the information to proposals you develop for your SMB prospects and clients.

The 1,005 surveyed SMB owners, with between 1 and 20 employees, are ready to admit they need marketing help. Only 46% call themselves marketing savvy. While they understand the importance of a strategic plan, about 63% of SMB owners are only able to map out goals for the current year. For most owners, 64%, increasing revenue is the key objective. To learn more about SMB owners, check out the AudienceSCAN profile available at AdMall from SalesFuel.

SMB owners have identified email marketing as a top channel for connecting with consumers. At least 42% of these folks use email more than any other marketing tactic as it delivers customers (57%) and drives brand awareness (56%.)

Digital marketing formats are gaining more acceptance in the SMB realm. At least 39% of SMB owners will emphasize digital this year. Their preferred formats range from promotions on their websites (39%) to customer review collection (33%).

Here are the traditional formats these businesses will use in 2018:

  • Print advertising 32%
  • Direct mail 26%
  • Event sponsorships 22%
  • Billboard advertising 6%
  • TV advertising 6%

As you consider your approach to the SMB owners in your market, keep this key piece of information in mind: they are not competitive — they are hard-​working and committed. These folks see themselves as part of the fabric of the local community. For many, the ability to be their own boss is what drives them. You can help them keep this dream alive by talking with them about which marketing tactics will work best.