Social Media Ads in Main Feeds Attract Interest from 70% of Users

BY Kathy Crosett
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Do consumers respond to specific kinds of paid ads on social media sites? What are the biggest turn-​offs in social media advertising strategies? These are a couple of the questions that Blue Fountain Media recently asked about 1,000 U.S. adults. Their findings can help you guide your clients to a higher ROI for their social media advertising.

Social Ads Send Traffic to Websites

We all know that Facebook has long had the biggest share of social media ad money. While 38% of consumers click on Facebook ads, 37% say the same for Instagram ads. Those sites are both far ahead of YouTube, which stands at 14%. Consumers understand they are getting access to these sites for free. As a result, 31% don’t mind the presence of ads. 

What happens next should be very important to your clients. Consumers don’t typically click on a social media ad and immediately buy a product. Nearly 70% want more information. To get it, they go to a company’s website. That tendency should prompt your clients to keep their websites up to date with offers and announcements they’ve made on social media ads.

Features to Include and Avoid in Social Ads

Consumers also have preferences about the types of social ads they want to see. A celebrity or “influencer-​endorsed brand” will prompt 51% of consumers to make a purchase. But 37% say they don’t care about celebrities and influencers when it comes to purchasing.

Your clients should roll out video ads, which 28% of consumers prefer. And they should also get placement in the main feed where 70% of consumers are more likely to click on them. To drive action and sales, advise your clients to announce discounts on social media ads. That action will attract the attention of 36% of consumers. Remind your clients that 27% of consumers don’t appreciate ads with audio while they’re scrolling through their social feed. 

A strong social media paid ad presence is a must for your clients. Show them what they could improve and how they stack up again the competition. Get the data from the Digital Audit, available from AdMall at SalesFuel​.com.