Social Media Images Drive 33% of Millennials to Click

BY Kathy Crosett
Featured image for “Social Media Images Drive 33% of Millennials to Click”

Are your clients getting all they can from their social media marketing? The goal for most marketers is to use social media marketing to drive traffic and revenue. You can help clients improve their ROI by showing them which types of online content resonate with consumers of various generations. 

With so many businesses relying on online activity to generate up to 10% of their revenues, their digital presence needs constant optimization. Consumers are growing more accustomed to turning to the web for what they need. In their most recent survey of over 700 consumers, Visual Objects researchers found that only 16% of consumers prefer to call a business. They’d rather use the following contact methods:

  • Email 31%
  • Social media 21%
  • Contact form on the business website 19%

These findings make it clear that consumers want online access to marketers. To be safe, your clients should include multiple contact methods in their promotional material. Other Visual Objects findings show that consumers click through to a website from social media as follows:

  • Millennials 90%
  • Gen Xers 80%
  • Baby Boomers 61%

On average, at least 81% of consumers have clicked through from social media to a business website.


Your clients may be asking what piece of content influences a consumer to click through to a business website. According to Visual Objects, consumers react to content they’ve grown accustomed to. For example, baby boomers have spent decades interacting with traditional media. They’re also a little skeptical of social media. These consumers, 30%, are more likely than others, to fill out the contact form on a website. But first, your clients have to get baby boomers to go to the website. They’ll have the most success by touting offers and promotions on their social media sites.


If your clients are trying to reach millennials, they might want to back off on offers and promotions. That’s because these consumers “prefer an open, honest pricing strategy.” However, your clients can engage millennials with superior imagery. At least 33% of millennials agree that great images on social media influence them to click through to a business website.

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