Spectrum Reach AE Closes Cable Campaign Using AudienceSCAN Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Jillian Berezo, an account executive at Spectrum Reach, has been a media sales rep for four years. In that time, she has used AdMall at both of her jobs, and knew it would be useful when she approached a local electrical contractor.

The business owner is so friendly but very busy,” said Berezo. “The owner and his [ad] agency recently came to the decision that they needed to shift some money away from one of the radio stations they work with that were underperforming. This created an opportunity for me to show them that shifting that portion of their advertising budget into cable TV was the right choice.”

Knowing that she needed a way to show the electrical contractor company that cable TV would be a better route, she turned to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN research to help bolster her case. Specifically, the advertising response question on the survey had the information she needed.

I love the AudienceSCAN data, and coupled with the data I gathered from AdMall's Local Account Intelligence report, I was able to build a strong case convincing them that including us as a part of their marketing mix would be beneficial to their overall strategy,” said Berezo.

I showed them that more than 50% and 75% of their audience (Electrical Service /​ Repair Customers) reported responding to an ad on TV in the last 30 days and 12 months, respectively,” said Berezo. “I put together a schedule for them consisting of top news, entertainment, and sports channels as reported by the Electrical Service/​Repair Customer audience segment. We also found that a high percentage of their audience [turns] to television for their local weather forecast.” 

The electrical contractor company was excited to try a new advertising approach with Berezo and agreed on an annual contract worth $14,400.

For Berezo, her success was due in part to incorporating AdMall into her daily sales routine.

I think the information found on AdMall is so useful, not only in providing a way to find prospects but also to learn in-​depth about both the business and its customers so you can speak with them from a place of knowledge and understanding,” said Berezo. “I use AdMall throughout the sales prospect with every customer.”