Spectrum Reach AE Has Closed Nearly $1 million in Advertising Sales Since 2020 Using AdMall Intelligence

BY Adam Ambro
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Kristen Robinson, account executive from Spectrum Reach, has a knack for closing sales using AdMall. She had only been selling media for three years but had closed over $500,000 worth of advertising sales before she approached a local restaurant that was a current client.

It’s [a restaurant] that’s been in business for over 40 years, and they continue to grow,” said Robinson. “They are a locally owned fast-​food chain, but home cooked and [they] make everything to order every day. The owner is driven to continue to be a success.” 

The company, like many these days, was struggling finding the right employees. Robinson knew that by showcasing AdMall’s local account intelligence report, she could show her client where they could improve their advertising.

It was the intel reporting [that helped close the sale],” said Robinson “I sat down with the client and showed her areas of where she can make direct improvements. There was a section where it showed “areas of interest” and sports was number one. So, they bought $150k in sports, in addition to their weather sponsorships.”

This year was the biggest sale yet,” said Robinson. “$317,320 to be exact. I have to say, I use AdMall Pro all the time to just send them information about their industry and help them with other forms of marketing other than TV. I have become a true partner to them. I am so proud to say I have built this from the ground up. This was not even a client until I brought them on. I would say that is one huge success.”

Robinson admits that AdMall has played a large role in her continued sales successes. And it didn’t take long to get up and running with the product.

AdMall has helped in so many ways. It’s helped them use valuable information to make important marketing decisions.” 

Since 2020, Robinson has now closed over $830,000 of advertising. Not bad for an account executive relatively new to the media sales field.

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