Start the Workday Mindfully: 10 Tips To Get Going

BY Jessica Helinski
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How you start the workday will have an impact on how the day unfolds; your perspective has a measurable impact on your mood, attitude and performance. But, understandably, it’s not easy to wake up on the right side of the bed and keep that attitude going all day. Even if you’re working from home, hauling yourself up and putting on a happy face can be a challenge. 

But, being intentional about how you start the workday is important. “Studies show that ‘start-​of-​workday’ moods stay with you all day long and affect job performance and productivity,” writes Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. for Thrive Global. Additionally, that poor mood can rub off on your coworkers. He adds, “When you broaden your perspective and consider possibilities, you can sidestep what psychologists call a negative ‘start-​of-​workday’ mood and begin and end on an upswing.”

Robinson doesn’t just give his advice; he shares 10 ways reps can kick off the workday with a positive frame of mind. And, these tips are easy to thoughtfully integrate into any daily routine. 

Start the workday mindfully

Take it slowly. Robinson’s first suggestion is to not attempt to dive too deep. He uses the metaphor of swimming: You don’t jump in over your head the first time you go swimming. When planning your day, use some time in the morning to consider how you are feeling. Did you have work late last night? Was the prior week particularly stressful? If so, then reconsider overwhelming yourself with to-​dos that day. “Avoid over-​scheduling yourself with huge challenges or adding additional responsibilities to your calendar,” he advises. “Tackle as many of the unfinished tasks the previous week so your dread won’t feel so insurmountable.” Be realistic about what has to be done that day and what can wait. Don’t start the workday already feeling overwhelmed.

Reframe. Reframing your responsibilities can do wonders for your mindset. “Instead of considering the day filled with expectations of problems to solve, turn that around and think of them as adventures,” Robinson explains. He adds, “It frees you from a premeditated mindset if your expectations aren’t met and lets you roll with nature taking its course.” So, begin the day with switching how you approach it. For example, instead of thinking, “If I don’t make this sale, I don’t know what I will do,” try changing the statement to, “I wonder if I will get this sale. What can I do to ensure that it happens?” This simple switch can have a huge impact on how you start the workday. Reframing challenges and worries into more neutral thoughts will have a positive influence on how you feel. 

Break the routine. Why not start the workday with planning a something different? Even for reps who thrive on routine, a little break from the norm can actually be a good thing. Even a small switch can snap reps out of the doldrum of the day and freshen their mood. “Make sure you plan to take your breaks and lunch hour and stretch them into doing something different,” he suggests. “Change scenery by getting outside, even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes…Break the monotony of rules, ruts and routines.” 

You are in charge of your day

Check out the remaining tips that Robinson shares, and be proactive in starting your workday on a positive note. Your mindset and how you talk to yourself are just as important as the meetings you schedule and calls you make. You set the tone for the day, and as Robinson writes, “When you shift your perspective, you can begin the day on a positive note.”