Stop Fear From Sabotaging Your Sales

BY Jessica Helinski
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Fear can be a sales killer, sneaking into your sales process and sabotaging your hard work. For photographers, fear can also be destructive for their creative process, knocking their confidence as both a creator and a seller. “The key to success, then, is recognizing that fear, addressing it, and overcoming it,” writes Jeff Kent for Professional Photographer magazine. He cites a program, created by industry pros Jeff Dachowski and Allison Tyler Jones, that can help. It’s called “Sales Sabotage,” and it’s based on what they call the three P’s: predict, process, and product.


This first step involves predicting possible questions and objections that can arise during the sales process. What kind of questions could be asked? What complaints could be made? Think of potential customer-​service scenarios that scare you and come up with an action plan. Thorough preparation will cut down on any fear you feel. Plus, you’ll be soothing your customers’ own concerns and doubts. “We know certain questions and objections are going to come up during the sales process,” explains Dachowski. “We know what they are going to be. Shame on us if we’re not prepared.” Questions can include typical concerns such as:

  • Pricing
  • Digital files
  • Turnaround time
  • Online availability

Also, keep in mind that questions and concerns during the sales process are common; They don't imply anything negative about your services or products. Treat questions as just a necessary part of the sales process. And, make sure that your responses are simple and clear. Be honest and address concerns as clearly as you can to put the customer at ease. “When you can answer customers directly and respectfully, you move yourself one step closer to the sale,” Kent explains. 

Head over to his article to find out how to implement the other “P’s” of the program, and how you can make sure fear doesn’t wreck future sales.