Summertime is Screen Time for Most Consumers

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients holding back on their ad buying because they don’t think consumers see their messages during the summer? This misconception is common. It turns out consumers spend plenty of time in front of their TV screens in June, July and August. They also have more time to head to their favorite air- conditioned cinemas to enjoy movies and advertising messages. The VAB’s new Summer Forecast — Heating Up with Premium Multiscreen Video report contains great statistics you’ll want to share with your clients.

Seasonal Trends

Your clients might worry that nobody’s in the house watching their favorite TV programming during the summer. The VAB analysis of Nielsen data from 2018 shows that ad-​supported TV reach in July and August remains fairly steady at 94%. That’s only 1% lower than every other month, except for January. That’s when 96% of us are locked into our houses watching TV. In terms of time spent watching TV, researchers have measured only a 4% drop during the summer months. 

Consumers also tend to watch as much live TV during the summer months when compared to the rest of the year. Similarly, the stats for co-​viewing sessions remain stable throughout the year. The good news is that consumers engaged in group viewing sessions may be more likely to discuss ads they see. That behavior reinforces advertising messages and the desire to try out new products.

Cinema Attendance in the Summer

Consumers have more time for entertainment in the summer. This free time contributed to big year-​over-​year increases in cinema admissions during the summer of 2018. Cinema admissions by 18-​to-​49 year-​olds rose 9%, while the corresponding statistic for 25-​to-​54 year-​olds was 11%. Summertime movie goers make the perfect audience for marketers. The following percentages of these folks take action because of ads they see on the big screen. 

  • Purchase the product advertised 30%
  • Go shopping 39%
  • Dine out 48%

Encourage your clients to connect with consumers across multiple screens this summer. Take a moment to check out the AudienceSCAN profiles for movie goers available on AdMall from SalesFuel. When you share this data with your clients, their revenue will increase and so will yours.