"I Can Do This": Survive the Sales Hustle and Stay Motivated

BY Jessica Helinski
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Hustle is the hot buzzword in the sales field, and professionals everywhere are encouraged to embrace it. But, the fast-​paced grind can wear anyone down, especially salespeople, making it more difficult for them to believe and themselves and think, "I can do this." As a sales professional himself, Nima Mogharei recognizes that staying motivated in the sales profession can be tough, especially after burning out. In a Sales Hacker article, he looks back on what he learned and shares nine takeaways from his own sales career.

4 Steps to Being Able to Confidently Say, "I Can Do This!"

The first step to being able to proclaim, "I can do this!" is that you have got to figure out what motivates you to do your best at work every day. Is it money? Helping others? Professional advancement? You can’t stay motivated unless you know what exactly you are working toward and what fulfills you. Once you know that, seek out others motivated by the same thing. Mogharei notes that, “When you have people around you that have a similar mindset constantly challenging you, it forces you to be better than you were yesterday.”

He also advises sales reps to write down daily goals. On a sticky note, a word document, on your office's bulletin board, it doesn't matter. Think about your daily goals and put them in writing. It's the first step to making them real. This should be a habit to make sure that your goals stay top-​of-​mind every single day. Your daily goals can be anything from a daily to-​contact list to making a post on LinkedIn. While many reps keep their long-​term goals in sight, it’s those smaller daily ones that can truly motivate sales reps since immediate gratification is in sight. Also, it never hurts to physical write out, "I can do this!" one or two times per day.

Optimism is also important in a sales rep. Working hard and not closing every deal is tough, but it doesn’t have to break you. You can still hustle hard, fail, and then win later on in the day. Don’t let the sales roller coaster discourage you. “Psychologically, we are wired in a way where we remember our losses more than our wins,” Mogharei writes. “You need to force yourself to think differently and positively. So, whenever you enter a meeting with a prospective client, you have already sold yourself on closing them.”

And, what may seem in contrast to traditional thinking, you shouldn’t hustle all the time. That is, you should have a life outside of sales. The most motivated and successful reps actively disconnect from their professional life to enjoy life. They work out, they pick up a hobby, they travel. Taking time to do these things will reward you mentally, physically and professionally. "I can do this," extends beyond being able to land sales.

These, along with the rest in his article, are little insights from his years in sales. Use his personal knowledge to keep you from losing your own motivation!