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Here’s How Your Clients Can Optimize Results Through Ads in Apps

Do consumers still download apps? And do they notice ads in those apps?

How to Market A Loyalty Program that Drives Sales

Consumers are getting a little burned out on loyalty programs. They still sign up for these programs, but they aren’t using them like they used to.

Making the Most of the 3 Hours a Day Women Spend on Mobile Apps

"What if you could easily reach a dynamic audience that is influential, educated, entrepreneurial and committed to the continued growth of society? Increasingly, that driving force is women, a rumbling economic powerhouse. In the U.S. alone, women make up just over half of the population, and they’re accountable for over $39 trillion dollars. That puts them in charge of 30% of the world’s wealth, and the number is growing."

Tips to Help Your Clients Personalize Their Websites and Mobile Apps

Does it make a difference if an email message addresses a person by name and mentions a past purchase or a special day? At least 88% of surveyed businesses believe that their clients expect personalization.

The Top U.S. Smartphone Apps of 2015

From videos to music to apps, digital was at the forefront of consumers’ (and marketers’) minds in 2015. Nielsen looked at some of the top trends for 2015 in digital, including the top U.S. smartphone apps and operating systems.

Marketers Use Expandable Banners, Video, and Apps to Improve Their Mobile Campaigns

Marketers are aiming to design their mobile campaigns with just the right features this year. But, they know they’re faced with small screens, especially on smartphones. They’re seeking to engage, not frustrate or overwhelm consumers. DG, which operates a multiscreen advertising management and distribution platform recently studied over 2 billion impressions to discern which marketers are getting mobile right and they are sharing their results. While the entertainment sector had the highest CTRs in this study, the research shows every vertical can take steps to optimize the outcomes of their mobile campaigns.

Grocers Turning to Apps to Connect with Customers

Supermarkets have long used traditional print circulars to reach their shoppers. But, these circulars can be inefficient in terms of reach and expensive to produce. The increasing penetration of smartphone users and their willingness to download apps are 2 factors that are contributing to a change in supermarket advertising according to a release from the 2013 Shopper Marketing Expo.

Improved Mobile Websites and Apps Lure Tablet Traffic for Marketers

A significant percentage of the population now falls into what Forrester Research has coined as ‘perpetually connected’. The always-on audience represents a huge opportunity for marketers. The challenge for many businesses, according to the Adobe Digital Index, is to optimize the pitches that these consumers are likely to see on their mobile devices, especially tablets.

Digital Coupons to Become a Larger Part of the App Experience

The world of coupons has long been about traditional formats like the Sunday newspaper inserts. Consumer interest in coupons remains high despite the economic improvement we’re seeing. But, technology is playing a bigger role in coupon redemption and marketers will be turning to digital coupons to round out their promotional campaigns this year.

Marketers To Manage Mobile App Campaigns by Calendar Month

Mobile marketing has been viewed by some enterprises as a format for exploration. But sophistication is quickly growing. Marketers are spending significant resources determining costs per loyal user and they're paying attention to when they release their apps in order to generate maximum impact.

Global Media Market to Soar in 2012 with Emphasis on Apps

With everyone from elementary school students to President Obama glued to their smartphones, it stands to reason that ad spending in the mobile market is on a steep trajectory. Analysts who track the industry report that the global consumer market for all things mobile now exceeds $100 billion. As a result, marketers will be pumping up their ad spending to connect with the hyper-connected consumer.

Marketers to Rethink Free and Incentivized Apps

As consumers continue to discover the best ways to search and shop using their smart phones, they’re also downloading apps. This acceptance of free apps is the first step in connecting marketers to shoppers. But many shoppers say they click on ads in limited situations.

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