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Writing is Not a Mystery. It’s Your Best Chance to Achieve Mastery

My secret to writing is not complex: I write like I talk.

Praise the Buyer to Break the Sales Rep Mold

In a recent blog post for People First Productivity Solutions, Deb Calvert encourages reps to “obliterate” industry stereotypes. “You aren't bound by sales stereotypes,” she points out. “You can choose different behaviors.”

Small Details — the BIG Key to Sales

Don’t you hate when a server looks like they’re paying attention, but then they deliver the completely wrong order? It’s the same in sales. What are you delivering?

Should You Drive Prospect Buying with Emotion or Intellect?

When selling, should you appeal to a buyer's emotion or intellect? If you think intellect is the answer, read on to find out why you may be wrong.