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Writing is Not a Mystery. It’s Your Best Chance to Achieve Mastery

My secret to writ­ing is not com­plex: I write like I talk.

Praise the Buyer to Break the Sales Rep Mold

In a recent blog post for Peo­ple First Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty Solu­tions, Deb Calvert encour­ages reps to “oblit­er­ate” indus­try stereo­types. “You aren't bound by sales stereo­types,” she points out. “You can choose dif­fer­ent behav­iors.”

Small Details — the BIG Key to Sales

Don’t you hate when a serv­er looks like they’re pay­ing atten­tion, but then they deliv­er the com­plete­ly wrong order? It’s the same in sales. What are you deliv­er­ing?

Should You Drive Prospect Buying with Emotion or Intellect?

When sell­ing, should you appeal to a buyer's emo­tion or intel­lect? If you think intel­lect is the answer, read on to find out why you may be wrong.