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8% Will Stop Facebooking Due to Data Scare

Eight percent of Internet users say they will stop using Facebook because of news about Cambridge Analytica’s abuse of users’ personal data, according to findings of a national survey distributed to investors by securities firm Raymond James. This could mean more audiences will turn to traditional sources of media.

Only 21% Feel that People Represent their Lives Accurately on Facebook

The Verge partnered with Reticle Research to conduct a wide-ranging survey on the public’s attitude toward some of the biggest names in tech. Respondents trusted Facebook less than Google, and “trust” was a primary factor for individuals who abstained from using Facebook overall. Respondents trusted Amazon almost as much as their own bank. Of all the companies named in the survey, respondents were most likely to recommend services from Amazon to their family and friends, The Verge writers tell us.

Business Social Media Trends Expected to Skyrocket in 2016

"The truth is, trends in social media change so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up — especially if you’re more concentrated on trying to run a business," Scott Falkner writes for Inquistir​.com. "To that end, here’s a few things in 2016 that you might want to keep an eye out for when it comes to social media."

54% Support Nonprofits: Use Facebook's Donate Now

Facebook introduced a "Donate Now" button for nonprofits. Here are three tips to make the most of it. Thanks to the introduction of Facebook's "Donate Now" button, it's easier than ever for nonprofits to turn online engagement into meaningful monetary contributions. The "Donate Now" CTA works much like Facebook's other buttons in that it can be added to a brand's company page at any time, and with no cost.

22% Snapping Squares on Instagram

Instagram has hit 400 million monthly active users, making it far larger than rival Twitter, as the social networking site looks to boost advertising revenues from the service. It took nine months for the photo-sharing app to rack up its latest 100 million users.