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Direct Mail Remains A Key Tactic For Connecting With C‑suite Execs

A significant number of business owners believe direct mail doesn’t work. If that sounds like your clients, it might be time for some re-education.

Retailers to Align Marketing Content for Online and Traditional Outlets

Gone are the days when shoppers used to wander into a traditional store, hoping to be waited on by a clerk. Advance digital shopping is now so commonplace that Cisco categorized most consumers as being part of the ‘digital mass market.’ This behavioral shift has huge implications for vendors vying to market and sell to these consumers.

Channel-Specific Promotional Messaging to Help Grow Sales

Consumers have more ways than ever before to shop for goods and services. And these consumers often prefer purchasing through one channel over another. For some, it’s all about the bricks and mortar experience while others enjoy the click of the mouse. Understanding consumer preferences and targeting them through the right channel at the right stage in the product lifecycle can boost sales.

Multichannel Approach Still Best Way to Reach Online shoppers

Consumers are cautiously optimistic entering the 2010 holiday shopping season. According to the 2010 Consumer Shopping Habits Survey by Channel Advisor, 58% of consumers are very likely to purchase their holiday gifts online this year, a vast majority over the second runner-up, brick-and-mortar stores, at 41%. Free shipping and best price are still most likely to influence consumers to purchase. And consumers are paying attention to online reviews — 92% of those surveyed say they read product reviews when considering purchasing a product. Social media and mobile sites also play a factor in online purchase decisions.