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Political Campaign Promoters to Target Voters of All Ages

"Midterm voter turnout reached a modern high in 2018, and Generation Z, millennials and Generation X accounted for a narrow majority of those voters, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available Census Bureau data."

Political Campaigns Could Drive $10 Billion in Ad Spending in 2020

Now that we are almost halfway through 2019, ad industry experts are fine-tuning their projections for 2020. Brian Wieser, global president of Business Intelligence for GroupM, has long kept an eye on the advertising market.

How TV Media Sales Reps Can Keep Momentum into 2019

With economic indicators continuing to point to a strong finish for this year and into 2019, you’ll want to know which accounts plan to spend the most on advertising. BIA Advisory Services has done some of the legwork for you.

Marketers Boost OOH Ad Spending by 4.7%

Advertisers took advantage of the outdoor season in Q2 and increased their out-of-home media buying in a big way. The OAAA pegs the marketer spending at $2.49 billion.

Radio to Win 6.6% of Political Ad Dollars in 2018

If you’re selling radio, you need to know which segments are likely to grow this year. Analysts are predicting that you'll do best by focusing on automotive, food service and the political operators in your market. Here are the details.

Political Campaigns to Expand Use of Non-Traditional Media This Year

Every 2 years, local media companies anticipate a revenue boost from political advertising. In recent years, divisive campaigns have resulted in huge windfalls for some TV station operators and newspaper publishers. 2014 is an election year with plenty of expected campaign advertising but some industry watchers are predicting a significant shift from traditional to digital media formats. The Off the Grid survey produced for Google links the shift to changing consumer behavior.

Political Strategists to Purchase More Local TV News Spots

We’re entering into the season of heavy media buying for political campaigns. Strategists are likely studying the best ways to make their TV buys in order to reach the right target demographics. Some campaign strategists may shift their media buys from national cable to local news TV because of the results of a recently published survey.

Politicians to Move Past Spot TV to Appeal to Voters

Political ads can account for over 50% of spot TV placements as an election cycle nears its end. Because of this focus on a single media format, prices rise, shortages exist and consumers quickly tire of the rhetoric streaming through their TVs. Some agencies are encouraging their political advertisers to consider alternate forms of media for the 2012 cycle.

Independent Ad Spending to Soar During General Elections

When the Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that corporate entities had the right to contribute to political campaigns, industry experts expected the floodgates to open. So far, the data reported to the Federal Election Commission shows that independent spending has been more like a trickle instead of a gusher.