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How to Recoup After Rejection

Rejection will always be a part of a salesperson’s experience, no matter how stellar their sales skills. It happens to everyone, and the sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you can learn how to succeed despite those rejections.

Facing A Failed Deal? Don't Say This!

Thank you for your consideration.” These words are the typical polite response to a prospect turning down your deal. Often reps use this phrase as a farewell before walking away from a lost deal. But, it’s actually something you shouldn’t say.


Fear of Rejection is Bogus

I am finally calling BS on the biggest myth in selling. Salespeople quit or fail because they "fear rejection." Give me a break. "Fear of rejection" is totally bogus.


Dealing with Acceptance and Rejection

Throughout the sales process, you should always be listening to the questions prospects ask you. They are clues to what the prospect is thinking. The questions salespeople love to hear are the ones that signal an intent to buy.

Rejection: How to Deal

As a salesperson, rejection is inevitable. How you react to rejection can have an impact on your success down the road, as well as others’ perceptions of you.

Rejection As A Learning Experience

RainToday recently highlighted its most popular articles of 2008. One of these articles, "The Dumbest Piece of Sales Advice You're in Danger of Following," focused on rejection and the importance of not embracing a failed sales effort.

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