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33% of Americans Want to Buy 5G-Enabled Smartphones

"According to the latest Mobile Connectivity Report from NPD Connected Intelligence, 5G awareness has reached nearly two out of three consumers, totaling 64%, at the end of the second half of 2018. This is up from 44% at the end of the first half of 2018."

20% of Americans Access the Internet Exclusively from Their Phones at Home

"Americans tend to view the impact of the internet and other digital technologies on their own lives in largely positive ways, Pew Research Center surveys have shown over the years. A survey of U.S. adults conducted in January 2018 finds continuing evidence of this trend, with the vast majority of internet users (88%) saying the internet has, on balance, been a mostly good thing for them personally."

Here Are the Internet Devices to Pair with TV Campaigns

Desktop is no longer a medium that is growing in effectiveness for integrated advertising campaigns, but here's what your clients can use instead.

NRF/Forrester Study Finds Mobile Investments Pay Off in Retail

NRF/Forrester study finds mobile investments pay off in an evolving retail landscape. Amid a seismic shift in how U.S. consumers shop, retailers are vying for time on their customers’ screens across all their devices — before, during and after a purchase. That is according to The State of Retailing Online 2017: Key Metrics, Business Objectives and Mobile report, released by the National Retail Federation’s Shop​.org division and Forrester.

LOL! An Emoji is the 'Word' of the Year

I'm still not sure how an emoji qualifies as a "word," but the Oxford Dictionary says it does. Even if you use the "name" of the emoji – Face with Tears of Joy – it's still not a word. Ah, well. I'll just chalk it up to the Oxford Dictionary desperately trying to stay relevant in today's texting-acronyms-constantly world. So, the experts are saying, the "emoji word of the year reflects the importance of visual communication."

11.4% of Smartphone Owners Regularly Use Digital Wallets

As the holiday season progresses, retailers may notice more consumers are eager to pay for their purchases with their smartphones. Specifically, these shoppers are converting to alternate payment systems like Google Wallet or PayPal in a big way.

Digital Dads Emerging as Powerful Segment for Marketers to Connect With

More dads (58%) have taken action on a promotion or coupon received on their phones than moms or those without kids, according to a new poll. Younger dads are spending more time with their kids and are also more engaged with family shopping. Digital Dads are finding real value in checking their phones for offers from brands they like, and are more likely than others to opt-in to location-based offers and share deals with friends.

App Usage and Purchase Intentions Vary Among Smartphone Users

In a competitive market such as the mobile industry, it’s critical for executives to know their consumers. In a recent Prosper Mobile Insights analysis of the Simultaneous Media Usage Survey, key differences were discovered in app usage and purchase intentions among smartphone owners. Occupation and income appear to be factors.