How to Target the 96% of Hispanics Who Listen to the Radio

BY Rachel Cagle
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In 2017, a whopping 96% of U.S. Hispanics listened to the radio every single week. That’s part of what Nielsen found in its Auto Today 2018 study, according to an AdAge report. Have your clients been targeting their Hispanic consumers via radio ads? If not, it’s about time they learned how they can use this medium to reach nearly all of this demographic.

According to Nielsen, last year, Hispanic households listened to about 12.75 hours of radio per week. Only 28% of this listening took place within the home. Also, of these listeners, 45% use audio streaming services. Of the remaining 55%, 35% are either somewhat or very interested in subscribing to such a service. Perhaps they’re streaming through the smart speaker 21% of Hispanics own and 58% would like to own.

But what are they listening to? Overall, the top five station favorites of this demographic are:

  • Mexican regional: 16.1% of total listening
  • Spanish contemporary and Spanish hot adult contemporary: 9.8%
  • Pop contemporary hit radio: 8.6%
  • Adult contemporary and soft adult contemporary: 7.9%
  • Rhythmic contemporary hit radio: 5.8%

The Spanish station-​based popularity results are largely swayed by the mostly Spanish speaking Hispanics, ages 12 and up. Among this group, Mexican regional, Spanish contemporary/​Spanish hot adult contemporary and Spanish adult hits earned over 50% of total listening. These three station types didn’t even place within the top five picks of primarily English speaking Hispanics.

For further advertising and purchase intent information on various types of radio listeners, as well as Hispanic and Spanish speaking audiences, you can check out each audience profile on AudienceSCAN from AdMall by SalesFuel.

Nearly all Hispanic consumers in the U.S. listen to the radio on a weekly basis. They’re mainly tuning in outside of their homes. But, they’re still utilizing smart speakers when they are home. Radio is an ever-​present part of this audience’s lives. Your clients’ ads could be too.