Targeting Video Streaming Customers: What You Need to Know

BY Rachel Cagle
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Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular among Americans. In fact, according to Nielsen’s Video 360 2018 Report Highlights, 66% of the general population pays for subscription video on demand service. Not only that, the average respondent pays for about three such services.

But how can you help your streaming clients better advertise their product? One way is to focus on and promote content offerings within the service. When it comes to new video discovery, there are four big types of media that viewers use to learn about content they’d be interested in watching. One is TV. This year, 47% of the general population saw commercials that lead to the viewer’s discovery of new shows/​movies they wished to watch. About 34% also saw content on social media that sparked their interest in streaming content. Online content/​ads also helped 36% of the general population discover new content and movie theater ads inspired the same feelings in 32% of the population.

Fans of family movie franchises are particularly interested in gaining access to the content they want to watch. If this audience wants to watch video content that isn’t available through any service or format they currently have available, they’re unlikely to give up and find something else to watch. Rather, they’re more likely than other video content fan groups to find their desired content in other formats. So, if your client’s service offers family franchise videos that other services don’t, promote those offerings. The client will likely see results.

Learn more about the video subscription subscribers, such as Netflix and Hulu, from AudienceSCAN from AdMall by SalesFuel. There, each audiences’ profile is filled with demographic and advertising information.

Video subscription services are only becoming more in-​demand. Make sure your client’s offerings are being promoted where fans will discover them.