How to Tell Your Story with an Explainer Video

BY Jessica Helinski
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Do you have an “explainer video?” If not, you may be missing a great opportunity to boost sales! Video is now considered a game-​changer for B2B sales, thanks to its ability to immerse buyers in a visual story. Alexander Kesler, in a Marketing Land article, reports that “54 percent of senior executives share work-​related videos with co-​workers every week.” Industry professionals predict that video will grow even more important in B2B sales, so now is the time to get started.

While there are many videos reps can create to help with sales, the explainer video should be top of the to-​make list. This video is merely a short clip (no longer than 90 seconds) that succinctly describes your product or service. In his article, Kesler points out the top reasons this video will drive conversions and why it’s important to have one ready to share at any time.

Firstly, these videos deliver a clear and powerful message. They can do what most other touch points can’t: Immediately win buyers’ attention in seconds. Video immediately engages buyers while giving them easy-​to-​digest information. “A succinct explainer video should deliver a straightforward message that describes what you do, without getting bogged down in details. Sixty seconds of video should allow for about 145 words, which means you must be truly concise in crafting your message. The time limit of 30 to 90 seconds helps you focus on the most important information.”

Not sure where to start with your message?

  • First, formulate the problem that your product or service will resolve.
  • Next, identify the value proposition that you want to communicate to buyers.
  • Finally, shape these into an appealing script.

Check out the entire article for more guidance, and once you’ve created your explainer video, share, share, share! Post this video to your online accounts and social networks—even share it as part of your email signature. Think of it as a way to visually present your go-​to elevator speech!