The One Thing to Forget When Selling

BY Jessica Helinski
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To be successful in sales, forget that you are a salesperson. Sounds weird, right? But having this mindset will help you focus on what’s REALLY important when selling. Rather than working to create the perfect climate for a sale, reps are too focused on just getting the deal, according to SalesPOP blogger Roy Osing. In his post, he shares other roles that should be front and center while selling, including:

Relationship Manager

Sales are about relationships, so reps need to nurture each and every relationship. “A relationship based on mutual respect and trust and one which will produce sales results over the long term,” Osing writes. Don’t let the the potential for a sale overshadow the people involved. 


No two sales are alike. No win is a guarantee. In the face of uncertainty, reps need to come up with a course of action, be able to adapt, and overcome unexpected hurdles. They must do all of this and keep the prospect happy. As Osing points out, “Strategy build context for the solution sales eventually has to play to; no context = no sale.” 

Behavior Analyst

When you pursued a sales career, did you ever think you’d have to deal with psychology? It’s up to you to observe prospect’s behavior and analyze it: What is their tone? How are they using body language? What does it all mean? “You must acquire the skills to interpret the nonverbal clues they communicate: body language, tone of voice, facial expressions,” he explains. “In many cases, it’s the unspoken words that tell their story because sometimes they simply won’t tell you what they need, want or feel in words.” 

Osing shares a few other important roles in his post, and he encourages reps to put just as much effort into them as the role of seller. He admits that techniques are important in the overall process, but they shouldn’t be a rep’s sole focus. “Selling techniques are the entry stakes to sales; know them and participate in the game, but don’t rely on them to take you over the top.”