The Secret to Your Success

BY Lisa Rigsby
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Jim Rohn said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.” How often do you think about the secret to your success? When I heard this quote, it resonated deeply with me. I wrote it on a post-​it note and stuck it to my computer screen so I could think about it a little each day.

Would it surprise you to know that people have looked at your success over the years and thought it came easily to you? The thought is offensive after all your hard work, right? I don’t know about you, but all my success has come through the process of evolution. Over and over, I’ve had to acknowledge that I wasn’t the best at something, and then I did the work to become better. Definitely not easy!

Personal Goals

This applies to our personal lives, as well as business. Assumptions can be made that you are a natural at anything. I can tell you from personal experience, no one decides they are going to run a half marathon and accomplishes that goal without training (not without complete misery anyway). Organized homes and finances don’t just happen. We find ways to improve over the years in order to make things happen. Sometimes through research, advice or assistance, and often, trial and error. No matter how you found success, the first step was acknowledging that a situation needed improvement.

Career Goals

Doing the work to be better in your career is no different. I mentioned finances earlier. If you learn how to improve through trial and error, that process can be very costly. Your finances are directly tied to your career. If you improve some of your management skills, would your team generate more revenue that would lead to a bigger bonus or perhaps a promotion?

If you want to be a better leader to your team, try paying attention to where you are struggling to get through to them. Then, research ways to improve the effectiveness of your coaching skills in that area. Maybe you learn best through podcasts, like I do. Or maybe you like reading, watching videos or talking through things with a mentor. Find the learning style that works best for you and use it. I love that it is so easy to find ways to grow that suit your personal development style.

Secret to Your Success

We post frequently about the need for managers to implement true change in their organizations. When you take bold steps to improve your personal and professional skills, you're setting a great example for your team members.

It’s not easy to humble yourself and then take action to grow, but it is necessary. That is why not everyone finds success. Make sure you celebrate your successes!