The Top 2 Email Marketing Problems and How to Solve Them

BY Rachel Cagle
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Email marketing has always been one of the most significant and effective marketing strategies. However, it has its challenges and many businesses still fail to leverage its power. Validity says that it helps 42% of organizations either slightly or significantly increase their revenue. This year's two biggest challenges companies have faced include attention in the inbox (45%) and email deliverability (37%).

Companies use multiple tactics to increase open rates, including:

  • Personalization: 77% of companies that use this tactic have an average open rate of 16% or higher
  • Deliverability optimization: 69%
  • A/​B testing (comparing two versions of the same email): 65%
  • Email list management: 64%
  • Subject line optimization: 57%

Validity recommends studying the results of the previous email marketing strategy and researching the top-​performing subject lines for your client’s specific industry. 

Subject line optimization is different for each company, but you can similarly discover the most effective subject lines regardless of the industry your client is in.

Relatively, 40% of companies that reviewed the performance of past campaigns had email open rates of 16% or more.

Companies use four methods to optimize email deliverability

  • Adding new addresses organically: 76% of companies that use this tactic have an average open rate of 16% or higher
  • Use of technology to remove invalid addresses: 32%
  • Validation of addresses with software and technology: 32%
  • Purchasing email addresses: 5%

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