These Types of Email Marketing Boost Click-​to-​Conversion Rates

BY Rachel Cagle
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There’s a reason almost every business out there uses email ads. They get results. According to a report by Omnisend, brands that use email ads earned an average of $72 for every $1 spent on their efforts. That being said, not all types of email marketing are created equal. Do you know how to get the best ROI for your client’s efforts? Let’s discuss.

These Types of Email Marketing Boost Click-​to-​Conversion Rates

Automated Emails

Believe it or not, automated emails have been a blessing to email conversion rates. According to Omnisend, year-​over-​year, automated sends have increased by 99.2% and conversion rates rose by 16.8%. “Compared to scheduled email campaigns, automated messages performed better across all metrics, including:"

  • Open Rates: Increased by 329.5%
  • Click Rates: Experienced a 329.5% lift
  • Conversion Rates: Rose by 3210% (no, there is not a decimal point missing!)

Overall, about 40% of consumers who click on automated emails end up making a purchase from the brand.

So, what types of automated emails should your client use to get the best conversion rates? Omnisend says:

  • Back-​in-​Stock Emails: These types of email marketing messages convert 8695% better than others
  • Welcome Messages: 5506% better
  • Abandoned Cart: 4007%
  • Post-​Purchase: 1793%

AI and Automated Emails

The beauty of automated emails is that they don’t have to take extra effort from you or your client’s teams. Their messages are simple and easy to personalize with the information your client already has on the recipient. So, AI can take over these mundane tasks. Doing so will ultimately save your client's money by letting teams focus on higher priority tasks.

If nothing else, according to Salesforce, AI can help you draft content for your client’s automated emails, which will also save you time coming up with copy ideas.

Boosting Open Rates

Of course, none of the types of email marketing available will do well if consumers don’t open them. To increase email open rates, Omnisend recommends doing some subject line testing.

One test you and your client should conduct is adding the recipient’s name to the subject line. It sounds simple, but according to a previous SalesFuel blog based on information from WebFX, personalizing email ads increases open rates by 42%. Yes, that includes adding their name to the subject line. Why? Including their name implies that they already know your client’s brand. “When you know the brand or it knows you, the higher the chances are that the content will be something that you’re interested in.”

Did you know that subject lines that include emojis made 58% of consumers feel more inclined to open that email? According to a previous SalesFuel blog based on information from Adobe Slideshare. And no, it’s not just younger generations who enjoy them. Emojis compel every generation to open emails to some extent:

  • Gen Z: 75% of this generation will be more inclined to open emails with emojis in the subject line
  • Baby Boomers: 65%
  • Millennials: 63%
  • Gen Xers: 59%

That’s right, Baby Boomers are more influenced by emojis than millennials and Gen Xers! Don’t be afraid to try out an emoji or two in your client’s next email ad campaign or automated emails.

Your Client’s Target Audience and Email Ads

Want to learn more about what types of email marketing have what effect on your client’s target audience specifically? Look up their profile(s) on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel to find out. There, you can see:

  • What percentage of this audience has taken action because of email ads within the last year
  • What kinds of messages you should include in your client’s email ads (like coupons)
  • Much more marketing information

With this information, no matter which types of email marketing your client chooses to use, you'll be prepared.

Photo by John Schnobrich