Three Questions to Pose When You Need to Break Out of a Slump

BY Kathy Crosett
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If you’ve hit a summer slump or find you just aren’t meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself, it might be saleslumptime to get unstuck. We all experience periods of low productivity or feel frustrated when we’re not making the progress we’re hoping for. Jason and Jodi Womack have developed a set of questions that can help you find new focus and succeed at selling.

Harvey Schachter summarized the Womacks’ question set in a recent post for theglobeandmail​.com. These questions aren’t unique to selling professionals, but you can use them to get ‘unstuck,’ when you are stalled on any project. These questions are all about dreaming big and motivating yourself.

Should I Find a Mentor?

If your current task seems overwhelming, it might be time to seek guidance. Maybe you’ve been assigned responsibility for a huge account and you’re not sure who to approach at the company or how to approach the right person. Instead of charging ahead without a plan, consider asking a colleague for help. Look around in your department and figure out who has succeeded at the type of project you’re undertaking. Does this person seem like he’d be willing to do a little mentoring? Ask him out for coffee or lunch and explain your situation. You can save yourself time and plenty of stress by listening to the suggestions offered by a more experienced colleague. You’ll be likely to achieve goal more quickly, as well.

Can I Break my Project into Smaller Tasks?

If you established a huge goal, such as closing 50% of the accounts in your pipeline in the next 90 days, you might find yourself locking up when you look at the to-​do list on Monday mornings. While it’s fine to have a master plan, you also have to make progress. You might find it easier to motivate yourself, if you choose the top 15% of the accounts on your list and focus your attention on closing them in the next month. The Womacks advise that setting a 30-​day horizon will put ‘you in a position of control.’

Can I Acknowledge One Positive Outcome Each Day?

If you’ve had too many prospects say no today or you’ve lost an important client to a competitor, it’s easy to lose confidence. You might start thinking that nothing is going right and turn to your favorite video game. While it’s fine to take a short break, you should use this time to recharge.

Think about how you’ll do things differently the next time you sense a client a slipping away. Most importantly, think about what has gone right today. Maybe you were able to connect with a new prospect. Maybe you reached out to several clients to let them know about a big change that’s coming in their industry. The point is to find a small detail to celebrate each day and to tell yourself you are headed in the right direction. Finding positivity will help you achieve important milestones.

Check out the rest of the Womacks’ questions and put together a new plan of action today.