Is It Time to Make Cold Calls Part of Your Routine?

BY Jessica Helinski
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For many salespeople, cold calling can be a chore. Often, cold calls are relegated to the bottom of the to-​do list and squeezed in whenever there’s time. But, this practice could actually be a pitfall, according to a blog post by Pat Morrissey. “Although we live in an on-​demand world, people still tend to perform their best when following a scheduled routine,” he writes. “This is especially true when we look at the little things we do that contribute to our success.” He argues cold calls are one of those “little things.”

Morrissey recommends pre-​scheduling cold calls, giving eight reasons why this could be a game-​changing strategy. One reason is mental preparedness. Rather than wasting the first part of the call getting “your head in the game,” pre-​scheduling allows for better pre-​call preparation. Like other appointments, a set time and date for a cold call gives ample opportunity to prepare your approach. And, with more preparation, your call will likely be more polished.

Pre-​scheduling cold calls will also hold you accountable. As mentioned, few salespeople enjoy making these calls, so they are easily pushed aside for more desirable tasks. But, if scheduled, you boost accountability because you carved out a specific time for calling. Plus, you’ll treat cold calls more like a typical professional task rather than a drudgery.

Additionally, this tactic can give you more peace of mind. “By pre-​scheduling your prospecting, you will not only ensure that it gets done, you’ll also free yourself from having to think and worry about it until it’s time to do it,” Morrissey explains.

These are just a few of Morrissey’s reasons for implementing a cold-​call schedule. Try his tips to see if they improve your calls and make picking up the phone a bit less dreadful.