Time for a Mid-​Year Goals Check-Up!

BY Jessica Helinski
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There are six months left in the year–are you on track to meet your goals? Now is the time to reflect on what you’ve done so far this year and what you must do before year-​end. “Most people lose steam on accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions—and fast,” write David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom in a recent Forbes article. “If you’re in that camp, it’s time to revisit your list of resolutions and set these three simple goals to carry you through the rest of the calendar year.”

While revisiting your goals, consider adding three more. It may seem counterproductive to ADD to your to-​do list, but Sturt and Nordstrom share three add-​on goals that will actually help your productivity. Plus, they are simple, measurable, and practical; in other words, easy to accomplish. They also focus on self-​improvement and overall well-​being rather than sales numbers.

Check out two of their suggestions below:

  • Make friends at the office. This may seem like a frivolous goal to have but Sturt and Nordstrom believe that focusing on inter-​office relationships will drive productivity. “What’s the magical ingredient that brings better cooperation, increased motivation and innovation, and happier and more engaged employees to any workplace? Friendship,” they explain. Plus, feeling good, and even having fun, at the office can help you perform better.
  • Break one habit. Breaking small habits can give you the confidence needed to tackle much larger goals AND help you feel better, which will trickle down to your own sales performance. Consider cutting down on the amount of time you spend sitting during the day, or consider taking a quick walk during a moment of downtime (fresh air can do wonders for your stress levels).

The six-​month mark may drive you to reexamine the goals you set in January, and it’s also a great time to sneak in a couple of other goals that will benefit your overall well-​being. “With these simple goals in mind, you can empower yourself to make a positive change,” Sturt and Nordstrom explain. The confidence you gain from accomplishing smaller goals, as well as the refreshed attitude, can drive you to where you want to be by December!