Time is on your side, as long as you understand it

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Time is mon­ey.”

You’ve heard that expres­sion a thou­sand times or more. And as many times as you’ve heard it, you have uni­ver­sal­ly ignored it.

Every year I get hun­dreds of requests for a course in “time man­age­ment.” And every year I give my answer: why are you ask­ing ME what to do with YOUR time? Don’t you KNOW what to do?

Is it time man­age­ment or wast­ed time?

Is it time man­age­ment or pro­cras­ti­na­tion?

Is it time man­age­ment or lack of pro­duc­tiv­i­ty?

Is it time man­age­ment or lack of achieve­ment?

Is it time man­age­ment or poor time choic­es?

You tell me, I’m con­cen­trat­ing on my time chal­lenges, not yours.

I am writ­ing a book on the sub­ject of time man­age­ment (soon to be titled): You already know what to do, you’re just not doing it.

I love the expres­sions that have been cre­at­ed over the years…

  • Just in time.
  • Save time.
  • No time like the present.
  • There was a time when…
  • Time com­mit­ment.
  • Time man­age­ment.
  • Time bomb.

And a ton of oth­er irrel­e­vant jar­gon.

So if time is mon­ey, as sug­gest­ed ear­li­er, what are you doing with yours? Are you spend­ing it or invest­ing it? And how are your time invest­ments work­ing for you?

Are you frus­trat­ed because there are “not enough hours in the day?” I am. Grou­cho Marx had it right. He want­ed a 36-hour day. That way you could work 24 hours, and still get a good night’s sleep.

Spend­ing time or invest­ing time is a CHOICE. Here are some exam­ples of choic­es. See which ones apply to you.

  • Spend time watch­ing TV — invest time read­ing a book
  • Spend time drink­ing in a bar — invest time writ­ing or prepar­ing for a sales call
  • Spend time play­ing a video game — invest time learn­ing social sell­ing
  • Spend time watch­ing a movie — invest time talk­ing to your kids

Invest­ing time with your fam­i­ly pays the best div­i­dend: love.

Is it time man­age­ment? NO, it’s actu­al­ly Time Allo­ca­tion. It’s how you choose to use your time RIGHT NOW. How are you spend­ing or invest­ing your 16–18 hours a day?

New pres­sures placed in the imme­di­a­cy of your time — and for many it’s hours, not min­utes a day. And these are time uses that have crept into the work fab­ric, and are firm­ly plant­ed in your life — and mine.

  • Email. How many a day? Ten? A hun­dred? More?
  • Tex­ting. The instant com­mu­ni­ca­tion mode. Instant and unavoid­able.
  • Smart­phone. Peo­ple (not you of course) are addict­ed. Can’t sit down with­out look­ing at it, and respond­ing to it. You spend hours on your mobile device with text, search, email, apps, games and THEN, you start talk­ing.

I don’t spend that much time on the phone.” Real­ly? An hour and a half a day is 2,700 min­utes a month, is almost two full 24-hour days a month. And most peo­ple spend MORE. I’m not say­ing it’s all bad time, I am say­ing it’s 90 hours – you mea­sure its val­ue.

And new time-pulls are cre­at­ing re-allocation of your allot­ted time. The biggest being social media. Face­book, Twit­ter, LinkedIn, Insta­gram, and YouTube demand busi­ness and per­son­al atten­tion, and more time allo­ca­tion. Time you and I nev­er had to allo­cate before. Add blogs, ezines, emails, and web­sites, and you have hun­dreds of new hours demand­ing, no com­mand­ing, both atten­tion and time. Your time. My time.

Wan­na add your new allo­ca­tion of time? Three hours a day (min­i­mum for all the items above) is 15-hours a week, if you only play five days. Doubt­ful. That’s 780 hours a year. My num­ber would be clos­er to 1,000 – how about you?

You’re prob­a­bly 1,000 hours just on your smart­phone.

Here’s the oppor­tu­ni­ty, or the rub, depend­ing on how you look at it. In all this allo­ca­tion or re-allocation of time, make cer­tain you’re address­ing the real goals of the time invest­ment process. Here’s what you must be con­cen­trat­ing on achiev­ing dur­ing these allo­cat­ed hours:

  • Mak­ing con­nec­tions
  • Help­ing cus­tomers
  • Pro­vid­ing val­ue
  • Ser­vice in an instant
  • Build­ing rela­tion­ships
  • Earn­ing refer­rals
  • Build­ing a social sell­ing plat­form
  • Writ­ing and blog­ging
  • Fol­low­ing up with hot accounts
  • and, oh yes, mak­ing sales

Cold call­ing? You have no time to waste on hit or miss. Ninety-nine point nine per­cent miss. Refer­rals are 75% hit. Start there. LinkedIn is a pro­fes­sion­al con­nect­ing plat­form. Start there.

You might want to allo­cate some hours for read­ing, fam­i­ly, and trav­el. I do.

Want my best time allo­ca­tion secret? Go to www​.git​o​mer​.com and enter ALLOCATION in the Git­Bit box.

Jef­frey Git­o­mer is the author of twelve best-selling books includ­ing The Sales Bible, The Lit­tle Red Book of Sell­ing, and The Lit­tle Gold Book of Yes! Atti­tude. His real-world ideas and con­tent are also avail­able as online cours­es at www​.Git​o​mer​LearningA​cad​e​my​.com. For infor­ma­tion about train­ing and sem­i­nars vis­it www​.Git​o​mer​.com or www​.Git​o​merCer​ti​fiedAd​vi​sors​.com, or email Jef­frey per­son­al­ly at

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Jeffrey Gitomer

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Jef­frey Git­o­mer is the author of twelve best-selling books includ­ing The Sales Bible and The Lit­tle Red Book of Sell­ing. His new book, 21.5 Unbreak­able Laws of Sell­ing, is now avail­able. For book tour dates and infor­ma­tion about train­ing and sem­i­nars, vis­it Git​o​mer​.com.
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