Tips to Help Clients Top the Instagram Charts

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients struggling with their social media presence? They know the right social activity can drive consumer engagement and sales. But, they can’t quite get their angle where it needs to be. You can help by studying the data RivalIQ published in its 2018 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report.

For purposes of its study, RivalIQ defined consumer “engagement as measurable interaction on social media posts, including likes, comments, favorites, retweets, shares, and reactions.” The company looked at social media activity for over 150 companies in several industries. Each of these marketers had at least 25,000 fans.


Like most marketers, your clients likely post to Facebook. According to RivalIQ analysts, the median engagement rate for a post on this social site is .16%. Some industries see much higher engagement rates:

  • Food and beverage .24%
  • Influencers 0.24%
  • Hotels & resorts 0.21%
  • Higher education 0.19%

And, on average, most businesses post once a day to their Facebook sites.


Businesses aren’t quite so active on Instagram, averaging about .69 posts per day. Consumer response to these posts varies from what happens on Facebook. Overall, engagement with Instagram posts is measured at 1.73 percent. Consumers are far most likely to check out posts from higher education institutions (3.39%) than they are from fashion companies. (0.92%). Other top scoring industries on Instagram include:

  • Sports teams 2.28%
  • Hotels & resorts 2.05%
  • Nonprofit groups 2.14%

Analysts noted that food and beverage marketers can boost their 1.78% engagement rate on Instagram. Consumers love food pictures. And, when marketers used one of the top hashtags, #foodpics, engagement increased to 3.65 percent.  About 2/​3 of Instagram food and beverage posts included hashtags. Ask your clients why they aren’t using them.


And then there’s Twitter. Businesses are definitely posting on this social site. Media companies, with an average of 11.1 posts a day and sports teams with 10.5 posts a day, rule Twitter. In general, marketers only put out about one tweet daily and engagement comes in at 0.046 percent. Researchers didn’t find a huge difference in engagement between industries posting on Twitter. However, hotels and resorts were highest .072 percent.

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