Tips to Overcome the Sales Stall at the Holidays

BY Jessica Helinski
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The holiday season can be a frustrating time for salespeople, especially when they often hear the “call me after the holidays” response from prospects. Michael Pedone discusses this all-​too-​familiar phrase in a recent article for EyesOnSales​.com, noting that there are three reasons prospects request a callback in the new year:

  • They really do need you to call them the first of the year.
  • They’d RATHER you call them the first of the year.
  • They have no intention of buying from you now or down the road; it’s just what they tell salespeople to get rid of them.

Now, it’s up to you, the sales rep, to determine which reason is behind the delay and how to react. Pedone has advice, including what to do if you are calling the prospect for the first time and getting this response. Likely, your opening value statement was weak and didn't reveal specific value. When he asks to be called back after the holidays, Pedone recommends the following reply:

I understand your time is valuable and I certainly wouldn’t be calling you if I didn’t think there was a strong chance we could help you _​_​_​_​_​ But I would need to ask you a few quick questions first just to be sure…”.

If you still get a stall, the prospect may really be strapped for time. Schedule a touchback in your CRM for the beginning of the year. Until then, look for other ways to subtly connect. Pedone suggests requesting to connect on LinkedIn, as well as checking out the prospect's LinkedIn groups. If any of the groups could use your professional insight, go ahead and engage. Doing so will showcase your value and keep you on the prospect’s radar. And, perhaps, you may even attract the interest of someone else who could use your product or service!