Tips to Help Clients Improve Social Media Marketing ROI

BY Kathy Crosett
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Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Your clients can make the most of marketing through these sites once they understand what consumers are looking for. These days, brands that get the most out of their social media marketing, track far more than the number of ‘likes’ their messages get.

Frequency of Use

There’s a reason that marketers flock to Facebook. The site might be old, but over 19% of users report a high frequency use level, as noted by GoodFirms in its Social Media Usage Survey for 2019. The high frequency use level translates to over 10 touchpoints per day. Similarly, 22.31% of LinkedIn users report high frequency use levels on the site. With that kind of activity, your clients can get their message in front of key audiences on a regular basis.

On average, social site users engage with four social sites a day: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Messenger. Their favorite activities include posting and sharing photos. To connect with consumers, advertisers should know social media users like:

  • Text messages 69.83%
  • Video 48.76%
  • Memes 42.36%

Advertising Woes

Your clients are paying plenty to get their ads in front of users on social sites. But the targeting options that high-​tech social site owners brag about don’t always work the way they should. At least 75% of users encounter irrelevant ads on their sites.

Nearly 9% of consumers are savvy enough and willing to adjust their ad preferences. Another 25% will contact the site and report irrelevant ads. The expensive part of these misfires is that nearly 66% of social media users simply ignore irrelevant ads. 

But that’s not all they do. The more serious statistic reported by GoodFirms is that 85% of consumers have unfollowed a brand on social media. The primary reason for unfollowing a brand is that the user is no longer getting valuable content.

Ignoring ads has been an issue for the industry for decades. And while we all understand that traditional mass advertising often missed the mark, digital advertising should deliver better results for your clients.

You can help your clients by making sure their campaigns target the right users on social sites. To find out which audiences are most heavily swayed by social media, check out the profiles available on AudienceSCAN from AdMall at SalesFuel.  In addition, help your clients design posts that offer users something of value. Remember that quantity is not the same as quality.