Tips to Transform Prospects into Long-​Term Clients

BY Rachel Cagle
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Customer service is evolving every day. As we speak, methods to improve the client experience are being updated and put into action. To keep up with your competition, you need to be looking for ways to consistently improve your service skills. Ian Golding offers a few forward-​looking tips in his article, “Customer Experience in 2017 – Collaborate, Educate, Simplify and Focus!

  1. Focus on Your Clients

The fantastic and revolutionary features of your product will only get you so far if you don’t know how it can help your prospective client improve his business. He didn’t agree to listen to your sales pitch just to hear you brag about your product or service, he wants to know how it can help him specifically. When preparing your pitch, put your potential client in the spotlight. Showcase your knowledge of his company and its needs and then introduce what you’re selling as the solution. This fine-​tuned pitch will show that he and his needs are a priority to you, not just the sale.

  1. Get Them Involved

Just like with your sales pitch, talking at someone will only get you so far, especially when you’re trying to build a business relationship. After you obtain your client, you need to get his perspective on how your product or service is holding up to his expectations. At the end of the day, he knows how it is working for him better than you ever could, despite with your previous experiences with other clients. Get your client’s feedback and get him involved in the process of working to improve what you sold him. This engagement will efficiently solve any problems he’s having and your business relationship will grow since you trusted his perspective enough to ask to collaborate with him.

  1. Be There for Them

Now that you’ve set the standards of your business relationship, here comes the involved part. It’s not enough to change a potential client to a client. To make your business strong, you need to turn your clients into long-​term clients. How do you do that? Maintain the expected rate of excellence you already set for yourself. Continue to be available to them. Don’t just wait for your client’s feedback, ask for it. Reach out to him regularly throughout the course of your business relationship. It’ll help you keep your information about his company and his needs up to date and each outreach will further prove to your client that he is a priority to you. The knowledge that he is a priority will play a critical role in influencing him to stay with you.